Penny James New Colour: The Lady Orcard Collection

Penny James’ presented her new collection this Sunday, named in honor of her grandmother, the Lady Orcard.

Despite the high volume Bowery of primary colors, shiny cars, Chinese alphabets, and heat and humidity, her work managed a gentle intimacy within the spaces of the tree and every small breeze they could capture.

James’ collection of painted and woven wool and hair pieces showed a great sensitivity of light and color towards a description of place and memory, even history. Her visual references are as diverse as ancient Egypt, the European aristocracy, and modern abstract expressionism by way of the Far East.

Penny James, a UK native and a former Bowery neighbor, has created works for other artists like Lady Gaga, Trudie Styler, Sting, Megan Hilty, and Lorranie Bracco.

James says:

We take for granted that trees will be firmly rooted in the earth, rather like hair should be firmly rooted in the scalp.

If we continue to neglect our beautiful earth our trees will stop existing,and if we stop nourishing our beautiful bodies our hair root will also stop living.

The installation and details:

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