Launch Artist Susan Austad

We are honored to have Susan Austad as our launch artist for Tree Gallery Project.

The artist presented two new sculptures—airy, reflective metal shapes that comfortably settled into the branches of the tree.

The first, “Tree Sculpture” incorporates multiple textures with metal mesh and wire in different colors and patterns. With the second piece, “Jig Fly”, the artist has limited the material to a shiny silver metal that flows in thinner and thicker wire spirals like Leonardo’s wind and cloud patterns.

Both pieces describe light and space with the free gestures and intimacy of having been created en plein air.

The artist says:

“We inhale and exhale with the trees; air is created/consumed–a transfer of energies.  These sculptures hold and delineate the air-space.

As in nature, the wind passes through, swirls and gathers up loose materials that it then deposits in trees–a reminder of its passing energy.”

Above: The artist with her sculpture “Jig-Fly”

Above: Tree Sculpture 2012, installation view, wire mesh, paint, wire, 20 x 35 x 20 cm

Above: Jig Fly 2012, installation view, wire, 20 x 25 x 20 cm

2 comments on “Launch Artist Susan Austad

    • Thank you Susan, I hope you’ll be back in town for our August shows: Angiola Churchill 8/?? and Julie Oakes 8/26
      Keep painting! But try to do some sculpture, too.

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